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We are a small development team based in the UK and we just started our studio in order to create games that offer you an unique experience, leading you to think not only about the worlds we're creating, but also about the world around you. With talented people from all around the globe, we are working hard to reach our goals and deliver the best of us to you!

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Development Blog Site-Tip

Is now live and kickin'....

It's with great pleasure that we'd like to introduce you all to our brand new Development Blog!

With this devlog you'll be able to keep track of our progress on the making of our very first game. Sharing this journey with you all is very important for us not only to let you know about what we're working on, but also to get important feedback from the community, so if you see something interesting and want to share some thoughts, feel free to contact us!

Here you'll find video demos of prototypes, animations, concept art, pieces of music and any work in progress that we think should be nice to share with you all so be sure to keep coming back to see on what point of development we're at. Looking forward to share more of our progress with you, we are very excited to start the development of this first project, that we'll be announing once the countdown timer has hit zero!

Meet The Team

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Jack Kheir


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Gustavo Coutinho

Lead Sound Engineer

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Kate Mitiger

Lead Enivironment & Creature Concept Artist

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Ivan Motta

Lead 3D Enivironment Artist

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Otas Tumelis

Lead Concept Artist

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Elijah Hill

Co-Lead Story Writer

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